Zhena's Tea Combines the Benefits of Green Tea, White Tea & Matcha

 - Aug 3, 2015
References: zhenas
The benefits of green tea, white tea and matcha powder are numerous on their own, but 'Ultimate Green' from Zhena’s brings them together to deliver even more potency.

Green tea provides antioxidants, vitamins and helps to maintain a healthy body weight, while as one of the least processed forms of tea, white tea relaxes and rejuvenates the body with its low caffeine content. Other inclusions to the Ultimate Green tea are stevia as a sugar substitute and lemongrass, which invigorates the mind and supports a strong immune system.

The green tea beverage is made from Fair Trade ingredients and boasts a fruity flavor that delivers a potent antioxidant punch. The combination of green tea, white tea and matcha powder speaks to the popularity of the superfood movement, providing consumers with a concentrated food or drink that supplies a high amount of nutrients and benefits from a single source.