From Nutritious Tea Snacks to Superfood Beauty Elixirs

 - Oct 14, 2016
These tea-based wellness innovations range from nutritious tea snacks to superfood beauty elixirs that are sourced from 100% organic ingredients. When it comes to beauty supplements and cosmetics, notables include Youth to the People's tea and kale-infused face cream. The product is naturally sourced, appealing to eco-conscious consumers who desire high quality skincare that is chemical-free.

Additional standouts include green tea-infused morning brews like The Javazen Balance coffee blend pack that energizes drinkers in a healthier way than competing brands.

Other tea-based wellness innovations to take note off include antioxidant matcha pancakes and energy bites that let foodies indulge without the guilt of similar caloric snacks. Additional favorites include matcha tea capsules and under-eye wrinkle remedies that replace artificial additives with trusted natural ingredients.