Origins' 'RitualiTea' Takes Inspiration from Tea Rituals

 - Oct 6, 2016
References: origins
Matcha, oolong and rooibos are a few of the tea types that can be found in Origins' RitualiTea skincare collection. As its name suggests, the tea-inspired skincare collection takes cues from ancient tea traditions and uses vibrant ingredients to power its range of Cleansing Body Masks and Powdered Face Masks.

What's most interesting about the collection is that it includes a dedicated mixing bowl and spoon, which are specifically designed for mixing the dry powders into a paste and applying them to the skin. These tools remind of the elaborate way that tea is traditionally served around the world to this day.

As many consumers have come to recognize the numerous benefits of ingesting tea in the form of food and beverages, they are also beginning to explore tea-infused products that can be applied topically.