- Dec 24, 2016
As this cluster of gifts for makeup fanatics shows, there's a vast selection of innovative beauty products that are likely to win virtually anyone's favor over the holidays.

Included are a number of vegan products for the conscious consumer, as well as a selection of Disney-themed items, as well as some centered around mythical creatures. In addition, many brands have taken steps to make their products standout in an increasingly saturated market. For example, MAC added a metallic sheen to a variety of its foundations, helping consumers achieve a flawless glow.

A few others have chosen to focus on simplicity instead, marketing one-step products to speed up one's morning routine. Also included in these ideas for gifts for makeup lovers are luxurious brush sets, 3D-printed lipsticks, beauty advent calendars, racially diverse product lines and more.

From Collaborative Vlogger Palettes to New Kylie Jenner Lip Kits: