The Zoeva Brush Set is Made Using Cruelty-Free, Synthetic Bristles

 - Sep 13, 2016
Many consumers seeking out animal-free lifestyles are moving beyond the realm of food into industries such as beauty, which prompts the creation of vegan cosmetic brush sets such as this one by Zoeva. The brushes are made without animal testing and cruelty-free materials to provide long-lasting, natural and high-grade makeup tools for everyday users.

The Zoeva brushes are designed to provide high-quality make and usage without relying on animal hair. Instead the brushes are made using vegan, synthetic fibers paired with wooden handles. The synthetic material is ideal to use with both liquid and powdered products providing a natural blending. The kits contain an array of brushes for all areas of the face and use densely packed bristles to achieve airbrush finishes.