From Dreamy Celebrity Covers to Glittering Makeup Portraits

 - Oct 30, 2016
These October 2016 editorial trends range from dreamy celebrity covers to glittering makeup portraits that spotlight conceptual looks. In addition to minimalist and candid portraits -- staying true to the fashion industry's continuous obsession with understated elegance -- the month's other standouts include more expressive fashion picks like editorials that blur gender lines or those that reference pop culture imagery.

For example, Smagina Margarita's 'Strange Fruit' series uses a live snake as an unconventional prop while Nicopanda's newest menswear lookbook references club wear and raver subcultures.

Other October 2016 editorials to take note of include catalogs that spotlight nostalgic emoji apparel and magazine covers that merge contemporary and vintage inspirations -- Rihanna's recent CR Fashion Book cover is an homage to Marie Antoinette that is modernized to spotlight the singer's edgy sense of style.