Pierre-Louis Ferrer Uses Ultraviolet Lights for His Unique Series

 - Aug 31, 2016
References: facebook & fubiz.net
Pierre-Louis Ferrer lensed the 'Hail to the Sun' project -- a series of images that shows subjects under direct rays of the sun and ultraviolet lights.

With this, the Parisian photographer exposes every variance on each subject's skin -- allowing the ultraviolet lights to highlight differences in age, physical damage and more. Despite the effect of this, the portraiture within the project is stunningly beautiful. Not only does the ultraviolet light enable Pierre-Louis Ferrer to spotlight the human imperfections that everyone has, but also allows him to consider the sense of individuality that comes with this.

Throughout the Hail to the Sun project, the photographer shows subjects in two different modes -- one where they are shielding themselves from the sun and another where they are embracing it.