From 360-Degree Soccer Broadcasts to Aquatic Mermaid Lessons

 - Sep 25, 2016
These September 2016 sport innovations range from 360-degree soccer broadcasts to
aquatic mermaid lessons that make fairytale imagery come to life while promoting active living.

When examining the month's most notable fitness innovations, sensory workouts take center stage and include examples like immersive boxing clubs, adventurous biking getaways and even kid-friendly surfing simulators that offer a fun experience for young beach lovers.

When looking at the month's top sports gear innovations, standouts include professional hockey jerseys that feature a more lightweight and breathable design along with digitized running wearables that track precision and posture while helping athletes improve their performance over time. Other notable September 2016 sport innovations include e-sports bars, athletic brand activations and activewear collections that marry style with comfort.