This Ontario Company Was Made to Improve Older Adult Fitness

 - Aug 19, 2016
References: boomersforfitness
Founded by Adriana Christopoulos, 'Boomers for Fitness' is a company that was designed to provide older adult fitness programs and healthy lifestyle support to consumers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario.

Adriana Christopoulos is said to have been inspired to create the company when she noticed that older adult fitness programs were lacking in the area, leaving boomers without the resources they need to reach their personal goals. With its founder creating the company with this in mind, Boomers for Fitness is a safe haven for those with little to no experience to learn how to improve their physiques and overall health.

The company succeeds in this by offering informative run-downs of all of its services so that consumers are better able to find something that meets their specific needs -- be it managing stress and chronic pain or losing weight and gaining muscle. Boomers for Fitness caters its services to different budgets as well, ensuring that its older adult fitness programs are able to reach as many people as possible and therefore increase its membership.