From Progressive Boomer Magazines to Jewelry-Inspired Wearables

 - Jan 29, 2017
The 2016 boomer trends show that the baby boomer generation stands at an interesting point in the progression of history. On the one hand, boomers were the generation that initiated the move from the traditionalism of the 50s to the open-minded expansion of the 60s and beyond. On the other hand, technology means that cultural developments today move at a staggering pace, while boomers themselves are as old or older than the generation they supplanted with their own progressive movements.

To harmonize these two potentially contradictory positions, many products and services have arisen to keep boomers in touch with mainstream culture on their own terms. Photographer Misja Beijers' Instagram account is dedicated to showing off boomer fashions, for example, and Refigural is an online zine that documents hip boomer styles as well.

Technology has also arisen to meet the specific tastes and needs of boomers. CarePredict Tempo is a wearable device that tracks health data, yet it looks just like a classic piece of jewelry.

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