This Nike Eyewear is Being Worn By Blind Long Jumper Elexis Gillette

 - Aug 27, 2016
Elexis Gillette is widely considered as the best blind long jumper and triple jumper to ever emerge out of the USA, and the legendary 31-year-old athlete is now being fitted with protective and stylish Nike eyewear.

The Class T11 long jump event that Gillette takes part in has rules in place that require athletes to wear opaque eye masks or glasses in order to flatten out any advantage enjoyed by athletes with a limited degree of vision. However, these eyewear solutions are often uncomfortable and don't look great, which is where the Nike eyewear comes in.

This eyewear features a hard shell exterior that is rugged, while the overall shape is designed to comfortably conform to the athlete's face. This Nike eyewear aims to keep athletes like Gillette comfortable and feeling stylish as they continue to redefine the boundaries of what people with physical disabilities can achieve in the athletic field.