From VR Swimming Lessons to Female-Empowering Athlete Ads

 - Aug 27, 2016
These August 2016 sports trends range from VR swimming lessons to female-empowering athlete ads that dispel common stereotypes related to women in sports. In addition to inspiring commercials and charitable sports brand initiatives, other standouts include art exhibitions that pay tribute to the history of basketball. Furthermore, the month's niche textile innovations are aiming to change the way sportswear is crafted and are also promoting sustainability.

Notable examples like recycled condom sportswear are environmentally conscious while boosting a wearer's level of performance while others -- like Nike's flexible and supportive sports bras -- are available in 29 inclusive sizes.

Additional August 2016 sports trends include affordable fitness tracker wearables and titanium running knives that are designed for those seeking a versatile tool while navigating the great outdoors.