These Daredevils Free Climbed the Eiffel Tower and Captured It with a UAV

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: zeutch
When the Eiffel Tower was constructed in 1889, its status as the world's tallest man-made structure made it a beacon of the future; the futurists who built it, though, could hardly have imagined that it would one day be used for a drone-filmed free climb. Russian climbers Ivan Kuznetsov and Ivan Semenov achieved just that, successfully free climbing the Eiffel Tower while a drone operator captured their mad scramble. Strapped with GoPros to supplement the drone footage, even watching video of the climb is a spine-tingling experience.

As if a drone-flimed free climb of the Eiffel Tower isn't insane enough on its own, the climb took place during Paris' rainy season, meaning the climbers had to deal with slick, wet iron. Not without blunders, the drone crashed due to the poor weather, leading to a significant fine.

A "don't try this on your own" advisory would be in order, except this stunt is so insane that no one else is likely to even try.