- Jul 3, 2016
The smartwatch has become synonymous with wearable technology, but the top June 2016 wearables employ a variety of other forms like earrings, helmets and t-shirts for tracking purposes.

While there are many wearable devices that are designed to monitor and analyze a range of activities, there are also models being developed for ultra-specific sports. For instance, Samsung developed a vibrating 'Blind Cap' to assist competitive swimmers who are blind or visually impaired. Similarly, the 'Whipper' is a device designed as a tool for rock climbers who want to track elevation.

Wearable technology is also being seamlessly integrated into clothing. Broadcast Wearables makes programmable LED t-shirts, while Qore Performance introduces wearable hydrating technology. Rather than existing solely in the tech industry, wearables recently had some time in the spotlight at the Met Gala with a Marchesa dress powered by IBM Watson.

From Feminine Fitness Trackers to Smart Swimming Caps: