The SkinTrack Allows Skin to Function as a Touch Screen

 - May 6, 2016
References: popsci
Technology is one stop closer to turning human skin into a touch screen with the new SkinTrack system that can be used on smartwatches.

The skin touch screen system was created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and is intended to make navigating small devices such as smartwatches much easier. There are four pairs of electrodes embedded in the watchband and the user also wears a ring which generates an electrical signal when the arm is touched. That signal is then able to track finger movements and as a result the person's arm or hand turn into a touch pad.

Although it may be difficult to use a touch pad on which you cannot see exactly what you are pressing, this system would be particularly useful for functions such as drawing and punching numbers -- something that can be difficult on small touch screen devices.