The '2breathe' is a Chest Strap That Helps Soothe Wearers to Slumber

 - May 11, 2016
References: & theverge
For consumers that have trouble falling asleep at night, the '2breathe' wearable tech chest strap might be the ideal gadget to help induce slumber. The device works in conjunction with an accompanying app to help monitor respiration to provide a relaxing and refreshing sleep.

The '2breathe' device is a chest monitor that surrounds the wearer's torso. The device is designed to monitor the wearer's breathing patterns. Using the accompanying app, the device is able to track how the wearer's chest rises and falls in relation to their breath, and then continue to guide the sleeper to better breathing patterns. The improve breathing techniques will help the user maintain a steady and deep slumber, where they feel relaxed for a more rejuvenated rest.