From Instant Butter Sprayers to Innovative Indoor Climate Monitors

 - Dec 23, 2016
The purpose of the majority of these gadget gifts is to transform one's daily experiences to be more streamlined. The way in which this is done is incredibly diverse, with brands everywhere seeing the potential that new technology has brought to their products.

One such example is the Amazon Dash button for 'Carling' beer -- which allows consumers to instantly order more product to replenish their at-home stock. For those who are trying to improve their sleep habits, there's the '2breathe' -- a strap that goes across one's chest to help lull them into a deep slumber.

Also included in these gadget gifts ideas is the 'ThermoPeanut,' a tiny device that's used to detect temperature in virtually any space -- allowing homeowners to better monitor their living spaces to keep track of any relevant changes.