'Olive' from Ikap Robotics Turns Your Luggage into a Robotic Helper

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: oliverobotics & gizmag
Like a gadget out of The Jetsons, Ikap Robotics is introducing a robotic suitcase called 'Olive' that can follow its owner through a crowded airport, send alerts if they are going to miss a flight, and even carry them to their gate if they get tired.

In place of a typical suitcase's rolling wheels, Olive has a hoverboard-like motor connected to 3D accelerometers and gyroscope, letting it cruise without the need to be pulled along by a person (and even allowing its owner to ride it like a Segway). The intelligent suitcase also uses an advanced 3D vision system to "see" its owner, incorporating Ikap Robotics' "skeleton tracker" to distinguish its owner even in a dense crowd. As if all this weren't enough, the robotic suitcase also uses a built-in scale to check if the luggage is overweight, has a powerful battery that charges portable devices, and wirelessly connects to a smartphone app which can track the bag and remotely lock and unlock it.