From 3D-Printed Gaming Cases to Kid-Friendly Smartphone Alternatives

 - Aug 27, 2016
From 3D-printed gaming cases to kid-friendly smartphone alternatives, the August 2016 tech trends reveal a significant focus on the needs of kids and young adults. Whether it is for entertainment or educational purposes, technology is gradually changing the way young children interact with the world.

Some of the most recent tech innovations for children and young adults relate to the mobile game Pokémon Go. The popularity of the new game has led a number of tech companies to produce products and accessories that help players get more out of the game. These products include special battery packs that extend playing time, 3D-printed phone cases that help players catch Pokémon with precision and digital maps that show players where rare creatures may be hiding.

Beyond Pokémon GO accessories, the August 2016 tech trends also reveal a number of other new youth-centric devices. These products include tracking-devices that function as an alternative to a smartphone, 3D printers designed for classroom purposes and DIY robot creatures that teach children how to program.