The 'LEAF for life' Solar Parasol Provides Shade and Collects Energy

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: kickstarter
It's tough to send paradisiacal Snapchats and Instagrams from the beach when the blinding sun ruins the lighting and there's nowhere to charge a phone, which is why the 'LEAF for life' solar parasol is rethinking energy and sun protection on the sand. The joint beach umbrella, windscreen and solar panel is a versatile resource for any sun-safe beach-goer, especially one with a smartphone addiction.

The oblong, ovoid umbrella is made from durable fabric and a flexible fiberglass frame that allows it to twist into a portable circle easily when closed and automatically re-expand when opened. Its pole is placed at the edge of the parasol, rather than in the middle, meaning that multiple users can take advantage of all the shade that this solar parasol offers. And, of course, its primary feature is a 16W solar panel located atop the umbrella that can charge any smartphone or 5V DC electronic device.