From Connected Cycling Devices to Smart Air Purifiers

 - Aug 27, 2016
These August 2016 gadgets range from connected cycling devices to smart air purifiers that aim to make homes a healthier place for inhabitants. In addition to the month's many smart home examples, other standouts include VR innovations that are changing the way individuals experience live sports or learning.

While VR swimming lessons are helping boost performance and precision among experienced athletes, VR Olympic game broadcasts are letting viewers immerse themselves into a world of competitive sports from the comfort of their own home.

Additional August 2016 gadgets include health and wellness-themed products like meditative headbands and prenatal monitoring systems. While examples like the 'Elf mmmit' headpiece help wearers achieve mental balance while reducing stress, gadgets like 'Thread' help expectant mothers track the health and growth of their fetus in between doctor visits.