Lockheed Martin is Using Drone Video Footage for Hydra Fusion-Made Maps

 - Jul 24, 2016
References: techcrunch & newscientist
Lockheed Martin is using video footage taken by drones to create 3D maps with the company's Hydra Fusion tools. The most impressive aspect about Hydra Fusion is that it can build a 3D map in real time using the video feed from the drones.

Photogrammetry, which is the technique of minutely tracking features in a series of images to determine their size and positions, is applied for both scientific and military pursuits. Prior to Hydra Fusion, this process would have taken computers hours to examine the footage taken by drones to create a map. Lockheed Martin's ability to create 3D maps so much more efficiently could have important military value such as for reconnaissance missions or mapping unknown areas.

The map created by Hydra Fusion can clearly show details of the mapped area like trees and buildings. Higher resolution images for mapping can be generated when the drones are flying at slower speeds and low altitudes.