Hyerim Shin's 'Graduate Shows' Products Borrow Baby Behaviors

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: rca.ac.uk & dezeen
The 'Graduate Shows' is an event that's curated by the Royal College of Art in London, England, to celebrate the diverse abilities of its talented students. A notable series that appeared at the Graduate Shows 2016 was the work of Hyerim Shin -- a master's student of product design.

Her project draws on 1950s stylistics while honing in on an array of contemporary features. The home appliances that she creates are designed simplistically in that they are easy to use, however the bubbly look of them and the self-cleaning features that are included make clear that her work is anything but. The products were specially made to be adorable, with the name of the collection, 'Be My Mother,' reflecting the baby-like appearance of it.

Additionally, the appliances are made to act like infants in a way -- excreting waste automatically when full and making noises. This means that the toaster makes sneezing noises when its full crumb tray is opened and the robotic vacuum leaves piles of dust on the floor after notifying its user.