The 'LASSI' Can Measure Jet Velocity with UV Lasers

 - Jul 23, 2016
References: baesystems & digitaltrends
BAE Systems has developed a new system to measure jet velocity with LASSI, or Laser Air Speed Sensor Instrument. The sensor is designed for use in high altitude aircraft because of its ability to increase survivability and improve fuel efficiency and performance.

LASSI operates by bouncing ultraviolet laser light off of air molecules. The sensor then measures the change in 'color' of the reflections so the further away the reflection is, the faster the aircraft is traveling. BAE Systems wants to miniaturize the technology and research how it can be integrated into aircrafts in the coming years. LASSI's ability to detect the speed of another aircraft through ultraviolet light will be an incredible feature for flight safety, especially for military jets that travel at incredible speeds.