From Roomy Train Cars to Jet Lag-Eliminating Planes

 - Jun 2, 2017
When it comes to long-haul travel, consumers are increasingly looking for travel-friendly transportation that will not only make their trip as quick as possible, but also as comfortable as possible. As a result, plane, train and boat manufacturers have found innovative new ways to make traveling long distances more enjoyable than ever before.

While many people think that trains are an outdated form of transport, today's locomotives are on the cutting-edge of transportation. For instance, the East Japan Railway Co. recently debuted a new line of high-end sleeper trains that allow passengers to enjoy luxurious amenities such as bathtubs and tatami mats during their long-haul ride.

Similarly, airplane manufacturers have made a number of efforts to improve comfort during long-haul flights. For example, the new A350 XWB jet by Airbus is equipped with LED lights that change color temperature according to natural shifts in sunlight, in order to eliminate jet lag.