This Carbon Fiber Plane Defeats Jet Lag for Passengers

 - Dec 17, 2015
References: fastcodesign
Jet lag is a serious condition almost anyone would avoid if they could. Though it is almost impossible to escape the headaches of an out-of-whack sleep schedule, Airbus and Qatar airways debuted a carbon fiber airplane that battles jet lag for its flyers.

Titled the 'Airbus A350,' this plane is over 50% carbon fiber, which results in lightweight strength and durability. Due to its lightweight design, this plane requires less energy to propel it, which also gives it an eco-friendly factor. When it comes to jet lag elimination, the plane's interior is outfitted with LED lights that change their color temperature to mimic the sun's natural glow and are timed with natural circadian rhythms.

Qatar Airways is the first airline to debut the Airbus A350 and with no issues besides its lengthy delivery times, this plane is set to be rather revolutionary.