From Geotagged Destination Apps to Solar-Powered Airports

 - Sep 30, 2015
Globalization and the astounding rate that technology advances are partly to blame for making much of the world's news seem bland—but many of the top September 2014 world ideas have the capacity to rekindle a sense of shock and awe in people.

Some of the most daring ideas include the large glass walkway built high above China's Tian Sheng San Qiao cliffs, hypersonic jets that are capable of traveling from London to New York in an hour and Asian resorts that hosts beer-chugging contests to permit entry.

To help travelers around the world calm themselves down, there is also a fusion of leisure and travel that is being seen in airport terminals, suites and products. For instance, Air Berlin partnered with fashion label Wunderkind to provide in-flight amenity kits that pamper passengers with little luxuries while they fly.