This New Mexico City Hotel is an Amalgamation of Several Concepts

 - Aug 7, 2015
This stunning Mexico City hotel was built on the former grounds of Hotel Jardin Amazonas to be a multi-sensory experience. Designed by Javier Sánchez Architecture, Hotel Carlota is located in Mexico City's Cuauhtémoc neighborhood. The interior of Hotel Carlota was also designed by Sanchez in collaboration with Jorge Madahuaren and Ignacio Cadena of Cadena + Asociados Concept Design.

Much of Hotel Carlota makes use of the concrete foundation left behind from Hotel Jardin Amazonas, which is reflected in the galleries, library and gift shop. Designed with special attention paid to the cultivation of an immersive and unique guest experience, Hotel Carlota aims to offer a different kind of accommodations that provide the casual, contemporary charm of staying at a smaller boutique hotel or bed and breakfast.