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Customizing travel experiences in new and unexpected ways, consumers are turning to online itineraries to themed destinations to make on-the-go experiences more enjoyable. Showcasing developing trends in travel entertainment, modern accommodations and tourism tactics, this category is helping to keep track of how travel experiences are changing.
Virtual Foodie Theme Parks
Virtual Foodie Theme Parks
Google’s Online Umami Land Shares the Joy of Japanese Cuisine
Umami Land by Google is an online theme park dedicated to Japanese cuisine and it’s a fantastical way to learn more about food and become immersed in imaginative scenes. The experience kicks... MORE
Automated Biometric Boarding
Automated Biometric Boarding
NEC and SITA Offer Cutting-Edge Touchless Airport Solutions
The Japanese company, NEC Corporation, recently teamed up with SITA to create cutting-edge solutions that “will enable a secure, seamless, and automated journey at airports across the world.&#... MORE
Digital Health Passports
Digital Health Passports
CommonPass Securely Stores Health Information for Travelers
Now that many airlines require customers to show a negative COVID-19 test result before they board, CommonPass was created as a digital alternative that eliminates the need to keep track of paper... MORE
Virtual Airport Agents
Virtual Airport Agents
United Launched 'Agent on Demand' to Provide Contact-Free Customer Service
When using United Airlines, travelers can take advantage of a new customer service platform called ‘Agent On Demand,’ which allows them to chat with an agent via phone call, video, or... MORE
Self-Sufficient Space Travel
Self-Sufficient Space Travel
Tokyo Research's Project Turns Space Urine into Plant Fertilizer
Self-sufficient space travel is “an important step toward figuring out our space station future.” Scientists from Tokyo University of Science have conducted research and developed a way... MORE
Slower-Paced Cycling Trips
Slower-Paced Cycling Trips
Backroads Saw Rise in Flexible Cycling Trips from New Demographics
In an effort to accommodate the shifting needs of consumers, cycling trip company Backroads has begun to offer slower-paced “dolce tempo” traveling options that offer flexibility and... MORE
Irish Adventure Tourism Companies
Irish Adventure Tourism Companies
Unique Ascent Draws North Americans to Climb in Donegal
Nature tourism has increased over the course of COVID-19, with many consumers seeking an outdoor or nature trip over traditional holidays. Unique Ascent is one company reaping the benefits of an... MORE
Local-Guided New Zealand Island Tours
Local-Guided New Zealand Island Tours
Country Walkers' Tours Offer an Authentic Local Experience
When it comes to group tours, many travelers are all too familiar with the bland experiences that often involve cramming onto a bus and checking out a few tourist destinations—however with Country... MORE
Scenic Flight
Airlines are launching "flights to nowhere" to fulfill consumers' desire to travel
Trend - Airlines are launching new scenic flights that depart and land in the same location. These scenic flights vary in time and typically offer consumers a guided experience alongside in-flight food and beverages.
Workshop Question - How can your brand rethink its products or services to offer novel experiences?
Airport-Specific Disinfection Booths
Airport-Specific Disinfection Booths
Hong Kong Airport Launch Cleaning Robots & Other Procedures
The Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is bringing in a variety of automated new cleaning procedures to make traveling amid and post COVID-19 safer. The new procedures include cleaning robots,... MORE
South Pacific Airline Launches
South Pacific Airline Launches
FLY CORALway Aims to Be a Source for Connecting Island Flights
FLY CORALway is a soon-to-launch airline company connecting islands in the South Pacific. Catering to those vacationing between South Pacific island destinations like French Polynesia, Fiji and more,... MORE
Top 100 Travel Trends in 2020
Top 100 Travel Trends in 2020
From Digital Nomad Visas to Millennial-Friendly Remote Work Concepts
While traveling in 2020 was drastically reduce thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, this round up of 2020 travel trends showcasing how consumers were able to sightsee. One standout example is... MORE
play_circle_filled Joyful Travel Websites
Joyful Travel Websites
Inspired by Iceland Created a Site for the Opposite of "Doomscrolling"
Doomscrolling is a new term that describes the act of consuming a large quantity of negative online news at once and it can be harmful to mental health. During a time of uncertainty, loneliness and... MORE
play_circle_filled Mobile Office Pod Concepts
Mobile Office Pod Concepts
Nissan's NV350 Office Pod Customization Supports Remote Work
The way people live and work is changing and Nissan is introducing the NV350 Office Pod customization concept to support the remote working lifestyle. The concept is designed to help people live and... MORE
UV Light Tray Disinfection
UV Light Tray Disinfection
Incheon International Airport Leverage New Disinfection Solutions
As consumers continue to be wary of travel amid the ongoing global pandemic, Incheon International Airport is leveraging cutting-edge technology to implement new sanitation solutions. The airport is... MORE
Post-COVID Smart Airports
Post-COVID Smart Airports
The Krabi International Airport Is Thailand's First 'Smart Airport'
The Krabi International Airport, with the help of the Thai government, recently joined forces with telecommunications brand Huawei to introduce 5G networking and services to the new “smart... MORE
In-Airport Delivery Apps
In-Airport Delivery Apps
AtYourGate Streamlines Shopping and Dining for Busy Travelers
AtYourGate is a mobile ordering app that’s intended for use within airports, which makes it easier for travelers to shop retail locations and get a bite, without having to leave their gate.... MORE
Airport-Specific Mobile Ordering Apps
Airport-Specific Mobile Ordering Apps
The Grab App is Being Utilized to Limit Contact in Airports
Although the Grab app has already establishing itself in select airports as a handy resource for hungry travelers who want to avoid the long lines that can accumulate at their favorite food spots,... MORE
Contactless Airport Parking
Contactless Airport Parking
The Raleigh-Durham International Airport Offers Safer Parking Options
Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham International Airport has implemented contactless parking to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect its staff and passengers. Using ParkRDU, the airport... MORE
Sustainable Rocket Fuel
Sustainable Rocket Fuel
Air Company's CO2 Conversion Technology Was Used to Create Renewable Fuel
Air Company’s sustainable rocket fuel will work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are traced back to the spaceflight industry. To put this into context, up until now, rocket engines have... MORE
Sober Group Nature Adventures
Sober Group Nature Adventures
Sober Outside Connects Travelers Who Abstain from Alcohol and Drugs
While group travel options can be a great way for people to explore new places while making friends, it can be hard for some to find options that don’t include nights out at bars, or otherwise... MORE
Customized Chinese Nature Tours
Customized Chinese Nature Tours
China Discovery's Private Tours Cover Beautiful Hidden Scenery
While many tourists likely have a few key destinations in mind when they visit the expansive country, Discover China offers a different and much less busy experiences from The Great Wall, with a... MORE
Discounted Greek Island Tours
Discounted Greek Island Tours
Contiki's 2021 Experiences are Competitively Priced and Flexible
While travel plans may have to be put on hold for the next few months to curb the spread of COVID-19, Contiki is rewarding travelers for planning ahead by providing them with great discount rates... MORE
Beginner-Friendly Adventure Trips
Beginner-Friendly Adventure Trips
G Adventures’ Perlo Sees Increase in First-Time Nature Trips
As consumers look for travel and vacation opportunities amid COVID-19, many are focusing on trips that focus on the outdoors. G Adventures’ Perlo notes this significant increase, especially with... MORE
Japanese Moderate Adventure Tours
Japanese Moderate Adventure Tours
Oku Japan Sees Significant Increase in Moderate/Beginner Hikers
Oku Japan, the adventure travel brand that offers guided, self-guided, and custom tours in stunning landscapes around Japan, has noted an increase in American travelers seeking moderate hikes. These... MORE