This Room Finder Compares All Types of Accommodation Options

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: alltherooms & lifehacker
Room finder 'All the Rooms' believes that your search for a place to stay while on vacation shouldn't be limited to just hotels.

The innovative new site compares every possible accommodation alternative to help travelers pick the best option for them -- from available hotels and rentable homes to spare couches. The far-reaching room finder lets users compare vacation rental options across Airbnb and as well as traditional hotels, hostels and inns in any city on the planet. Travel planners can rest assured that they have found the most affordable option as well as the one most suited to their needs with every trip they take.

In the world of modern travel, where new options like Airbnb are readily available and often more cost-effective, it can be difficult for traditional hotels to remain competitive. All the Rooms allows clients to easily see the price differential that would allow them to stay in a hotel versus a room versus a bed. Ultimately, travelers who are potentially inclined towards a more luxurious experience can be made aware of all the options that exist within their price range.