From Automated Accommodation Comparisons to Flight-Finding Marketplaces

 - Jan 15, 2016
The trip booking process can be an extremely stressful one. Even with the wealth of information available online, it can be confusing to compare sites and prices, not to mention a lengthy endeavor. A variety of platforms exist to make your trip planning and eventual booking less complicated and an easier experience to deal with.

Many trip booking services focus on a niche aspect of travel, whether that is a specific demographic or a less conventional way of vacationing. This includes charity travel platforms, which focus on people interested in Indonesian voluntourism, as well as VisaPort, which specializes in corporate travel services.

Others are app-based solutions that make logistics simpler. This includes cost-effective approaches that usually offer last minute deals for the more adventurous-minded. Others are essentially automated travel agents where you input basic details to see comparisons.