South Africa's Sideways Tours Offers a Bespoke Tour-Booking Platform

Tour operators are looking for new ways to offer unique experiences using a combination of technology and content -- as such, South Africa's Sideways Tours was developed as a bespoke tour-booking platform. With a focus on the Cape Winelands, this platform allows a user to plan and book custom experiences.

Previously, people wanting to book tours faced a number of obstacles, including the lack of a central booking and review platform that collated information. On top of this, most tours booked by phone, email or fax result in a clumsy, complicated and frustrating experience.

The bespoke booking platform is inspired by similar booking platforms like Tripadvisor and Sleepout, as well as user-friendly apps such as Uber and Airbnb. The development of booking platforms such as these also tap into shifts in the travel industry where visitors are looking for authentic travel experiences, rather than generic cut-and-paste tours.