From VR Runway Shows to Couture Music Channels

 - Sep 17, 2015
These interactive fashion innovations range from music channels that are inspired by a luxury brand's core values and runway shows that are broadcast using virtual reality software. As sensory and immersive marketing becomes more and more appealing to today's consumer, independent and heritage fashion brands are both stepping it up with customized experiences that appeal to their target demographic's niche interests.

A leader in the interactive fashion realm is Topshop -- the UK fast fashion retailer has not only hosted a VR-powered runway show that was live streamed for fans but has also promoted new collections using unconventional and memorable methods like a Twitter-powered crane that let shoppers compete for prizes and promotions.

Furthermore, designers like Tory Burch -- whose recently released mobile app goes far beyond fashion and sells consumers a lifestyle -- are appealing to tech-savvy millennials who are known to spend the majority of their free time on inspiring social media channels like Instagram or Pinterest.