Flightfox's Expert Service Guarantees You the Best Cheap Flights

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: flightfox
Flightfox, which is described as a marketplace of flight experts, guarantees you the best cheap flights. Customers work with a flight expert to do this. You simple describe your trip, including dates, destinations and your flexibility. Then they find your flights for you. Your designated Flightfox expert communicates and collaborates with other experts, taking into account airlines, cabins, deals, prices, routes and everything in between. The result is you get to fly better for less money.

In addition to getting the best cheap flights, you receive concierge quality customer service. Flightfox only works with genuine flight experts, who not only have extensive experience booking travel arrangements, but also are well-traveled themselves and often have technical university degrees. The service also relies totally on customer service to grow their business, not advertising or sales calls.