From Sci-Fi-Themed Airplanes to Snapshot Travel Ads

 - Nov 14, 2016
With the rising popularity of air travel, airline marketing campaigns have evolved tremendously. No longer limited to glossy magazine ads and eye-catching posters, airlines are now thinking of new and creative ways to promote their services.

One of the unique ways that airlines have been catching the eye of consumers is by using their own planes as the backdrop for new campaigns. For instance, as part of its MyStopover campaign, Icelandair created a plane that recreates a Northern lights experience on-board. Similarly, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways gave several of its jets a Star Wars-inspired makeover to promote the release of the new film.

Another way in which airlines are catching the attention of consumers is through social media. These airline marketing campaigns are often fun, interactive and highly visual, making them particularly appealing to millennials. Examples of social media-based airline campaigns include Wow Air's SnapTraveler campaign on Snapchat and EasyJet's Orange Monday campaign on Twitter.