This British Ad Features a Strange Flower-Covered Person and a Giant Woman

 - Sep 26, 2016
References: easyjet & adweek
easyJet, an airline that prides itself on its expansive low-cost offerings, created a British ad that features an eccentric plot.

To start off, a person covered from head to toe in flowers sprints in slow-motion across a tarmac, while a woman steps off an easyJet plane and onto a jet ski -- prompting her to fly into a new destination. She goes from a warehouse, to a cafe, to a circus and then a sandy beach, all within a manner of seconds -- speaking to the ease that comes from traveling with the airline.

All of the sudden, she's shown to be a giant, relaxing atop a towel and next, a shrunken version of herself, who's hopping gleefully on a keyboard. The surrealism of the British ad continues, however in the end, she's back in her easyJet set.