From Airport Layover Sleep Pods to High-Speed Airplane WiFi

 - Nov 26, 2016
As the November 2016 travel trends reveal, airports and airlines are making an effort to upgrade their service in response to the rising accessibility of air travel. This means that everything from airport lounges to in-air WiFi is undergoing a modern makeover.

One aspect of travel that is gradually improving is the airport experience. While lines may still be lengthy at many airports, there is a conscious effort to make travelers more comfortable with unique amenities such as the aDream sleep pods and ultra-comfy Nest airport beds.

Beyond the airport itself, there is also a growing push for a more comfortable in-flight experiences. As the November 2016 travel trends reveal, this largely refers to offering modern amenities such as access to high-speed WiFi and other forms of connected entertainment. On the other hand, brands are also delighting customers with unexpected upgrades, such as co-branded experiences.