Bird & Anchor Curates Natural Beauty Wellness Kits for Travelers

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: birdandanchor & instagram
Bird & Anchor is launching a product that will help health-conscious travelers take the stress out of packing and preparing for a trip by offering pre-assembled selection of natural personal care products in a travel-sized wellness kit.

While there are now plenty of natural care products on the market, finding them in sample or travel-sized options can be a challenge. To remedy this, Bird & Anchor plans to curate its own selection of skincare and wellness products that are made in small batches. These boxes can be acquired by consumers quarterly, as well as through an online store, where they will be able to customize the product inclusions in their own travel-friendly wellness kits.

On top of having the chance to easily collect a selection of wholesome personal care products, consumers will appreciate that this kit gives them one less item to give their attention to before a trip.