From Disney-Themed Palettes to Empowering Celebrity Lipsticks

 - Jan 28, 2017
These 2016 cosmetic trends illustrate the expansive industry's evolution. To get an idea of how different fields are doing the same, watch Trend Hunter's 'Top 20 Trends in 2017' countdown.

CoverGirl's employment of makeup artist James Charles was of special importance, as he is the brand's first male ambassador. Not only did this promote a culture of inclusion in the industry, but it allowed Covergirl to appeal to a wider range of consumers as well. In addition, James Charles' role of representative for the brand also highlighted the power of social media, as he was able accumulate a fan base of his own through YouTube and Instagram.

These 2016 cosmetics trends feature a number of other artists doing the same, including Johanna Adams, who created crystallized lip looks and promoted them through the photo-sharing app. Also included are bright pink face highlighters, flower-infused lipsticks and nail polish-holding rings.