The Aesop Mile-End Store Was Designed by Montreal's Naturehumaine

 - Mar 10, 2016
The recently opened Aesop Mile-End boutique is an intimate retail experience that blends earthy materials to create a truly unique atmosphere. The relaxing space carries the brand's entire cosmetic and haircare range.

Designed by Montreal's own Naturehumaine in collaboration with the Aesop in-house design team, the Aesop Mile-End store is generally centered around the theme of movement, a motif that references the neighborhood's history as being a place that different waves of immigrants settled over a 100-year period.

As per usual in Aesop retail concepts, the space is centered around a monolithic demonstration sink that has been covered in local limestone. Patrons interested in testing out any of the innovative Aesop skincare line can do so at the sink.