From Swing-Analyzing Golf Trackers to Affordable Scratch-Proof Watches

 - Dec 25, 2016
Fatherly gifts are a solid standby come the holiday season. While kids' interests change as they age, dads tend to be comfortably set in their ways, and fatherly gifts reflect that familial stasis.

Certain pieces of luxury are often guaranteed hits for men of a certain age. For example, fathers will always enjoy a nice watch as a holiday gift. If Dad is looking for a more inventive timepiece, Mr Jones' 'Colour Venn' watch is a neat option. Rather than hands, the watch tells time with color combinations. Fathers who like to pamper themselves might also enjoy a shaving-related gift, like the Art of Shaving Lexington Power gift set, which lets men give themselves a premium shave.

There's also the undying fountain of fatherly gift-giving: golf. This season, consider getting Dad GolfPad 'Golf Tags' to help him improve his game.