Swedish Watch Brand Depoche Reintroduced an Iconic Timepiece

 - Oct 6, 2016
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In recent years, men in fashion have been making a move towards becoming more well-dressed. Classic attire such as three-piece suits and waistcoats are now regularly featured on many of the largest social media accounts dedicated to men's fashion.

With the rise in popularity of these classic garments there is a natural need for accessories that go with them. Long before the wrist watch entered the scene and became part of the fashion norm, pocket watches were the obvious choice for the well-dressed man. And with the current shift towards a more well-dressed look the pocket watch is about to make a re-entrance.

Swedish watch brand Depoche is bringing the pocket watch back with an updated take on this iconic timepiece. Its first collection features modern minimalist pocket watches in two different colors. These watches are not only the perfect complement to a three-piece suit, but could also be worn together with a blazer or in a pair of jeans, as part of a more casual outfit. With Depoche, any pocket will do.