Braun's CoolTech Razors Use Cooling Technology to Reduce Razor Burn

 - Apr 21, 2016
References: ca.braun
Electric razors from Braun that feature CoolTech are designed to cool skin, rather than heat it up, as most conventional shavers do. Since heat tends to accumulate at the head of the razor, this temperature is passed onto skin, causing itchiness, burning, redness and other skin irritations like razor burn. While there are many shaving creams, gels and lotions designed to provide a solution to this common problem, Braun's CoolTech shavers provide cooling without the help of any other grooming products.

With Active Cooling Technology, Braun introduces shavers that have cooling elements between foils. Electric razors in the CoolTec series include the CT5cc and CT2s models.

As well as being able to find cooling properties in some personal care products, and clothing items that come into direct contact with the skin, consumers can now find several gadgets that use cooling to enhance comfort.