The Gillette All Purpose Styler Serves as a Trimmer, Shaver & Edger

 - Nov 1, 2016
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Gillette's handy All Purpose Styler can help men keep their facial hair in check and is a go-to Movember accessory for many. Not only does the multipurpose tool help men maintain the perfect above-the-lip style, but it can also be used even after the mustaches are gone to achieve a perfectly smooth shave.

Unlike an ordinary razor, the Gillette All Purpose Styler is an all-in-one grooming tool that can be used to achieve virtually any facial hair style. Beyond the power blade shaver, the tool also comes with a Waterproof Power Trimmer complete with three exchangeable combs for maintaining consistent length and an even trim. There is also a third tool called the Precision Trimmer, which can be used to clean up edges and add finishing touches to any look.

For men looking for a way to tackle multiple grooming issues without investing in a number of different tools, the Gillette All Purpose Styler is the perfect solution.