'Stubl' Gives Men Fashionable Stubble with a Straight Blade

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: prweb & kickstarter
Clean shaves used to be the default facial hair style for men, but more and more celebrities and fashion icons are wearing stubble, so the Stubl razor is making it easier and more comfortable for men to follow suit. Stubl is a straight blade razor, or a non-electric razor, that lets men shave in the same way they normally do while still wearing fashionably trimmed stubble.

The keys to the Stubl razor are the caps that fit on its handle. These caps come in three settings for three different lengths, and they essentially raise the blade a slight distance from men's faces. By shaving the way they would normally for a close shave, men can give themselves nicely maintained stubble without having to shell out for finicky electric razors.