This Machine Provides Grated Coconut in a Matter of Moments

 - Nov 14, 2016
References: yankodesign
Making freshly grated coconut is a difficult task to say the least, so this appliance is designed to help speed up the process and save your hands from doing all the work. Designed by Upendra Shenoy, the appliance works almost like an electric orange juice maker by allowing half of a coconut to be placed on the top spindle and internally shaved. This helps to pulverize a coconut in a matter of moments rather than have to deal with doing it with a knife and/or spoon.

The appliance features a grinder for helping to create grated coconut that operates well but not too fast in order to ensure safety when in operation. Being that the appliance is only for coconut shaving, it's suitable only for those that truly love coconut.