The Nest Airport Bed Stores Luggage Inside as Travelers Rest

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: dca-design & yankodesign
Taking a nap in an airport can leave personal belongings open to being stolen, so the Nest airport bed is designed to be a safe haven to store bags and rest comfortably.

Designed by DCA Design and winner of the Red Dot Design award, the Nest bed is crafted from an elastic fabric mesh that cradles the person in a similar fashion to how a hammock does. A zipper section on the top portion unzips to allow access to the hollow interior space to keep carry-on luggage and other personal bags safe while you rest.

The mesh fabric design of the Nest airport bed offers support, but also provides enhanced security measures for the airport. Security can easily see straight through it to see if a bag has been left inside unattended.