'The Earth Awaits' Calculates Budgets for Hundreds of Cities Worldwide

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: theearthawaits & boingboing.net
'The Earth Awaits' is a travel site for those with a cash-conscious case of wanderlust. Rather than showing the cultural landmarks or various neighborhoods of cities around the world, The Earth Awaits calculates accurate monthly budgets for more than 600 cities.

When looking to move to a new city, monetary considerations are obviously important. After all, living in an expensive city like London or New York comfortably may be outside of many people's means. The Earth Awaits takes input from users based primarily on their monthly budgets -- anywhere from zero to tens of thousands of dollars -- as well as other info like apartment or house size, number of family members living together, pollution, and crime rate, and delivers a list of cities that satisfy those requirements from every habitable continent (Antarctica doesn't make the cut.)