Japanese Airline ANA is Flying Star Wars Airplanes Around the Globe

 - May 4, 2016
References: ana-sw & luxurylaunches
Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has created a total of three Star Wars airplanes operating on international routes. While themed airplanes aren't all that new, ANA has shown some serious dedication to the Star Wars cause by changing everything from paint to cup holders, to its on-air beverage cups and even the company website, which is studded with a star-filled galaxy, complete with the Star Wars theme playing.

Not only that, ANA has everyone on board with its main title video. Following the sights and sounds familiar to flyers and staff alike, the short film cuts sound sequences to create the Star Wars theme song. Using the beeping of boarding passes, the clicking of shoes, the sounds of maintenance work and squealing tires of landing planes, the result is fairly accurate and completely adorable.