From Nursery Pep Talks to Nostalgic Cereal Promotions

 - Aug 16, 2016
Although its not out of the norm for Olympic ads to honor the roots of the athletes it focuses on, each of the commercials in this cluster shows how companies are working to appeal to the inner child of consumers.

While Lucky Charms, a notoriously child-centered cereal, claims that its mascot is capable of granting a pole vaulter all the power she needs, Nike shows actor Bobby Cannavale inspire the baby versions of iconic athletes like LeBron James, Mo Farah, Serena Williams and Neymar Jr. Meanwhile, the Milk Processor Education Program depicts chocolate milk as the fuel of athletes since youth, with swimmers Jessica Hardy and Tyler Clary at its forefront.

By taking athletes back to their youthful beginnings, each of these Olympic ads works to creatively drive the message that a physical power can be achieved by implementing the right attitude and utilizing the right practices.